What is Psychotherapy?

There are many different forms of psychotherapy, all of which have at their heart the common goal of helping people through emotional distress and improving their quality of life.

My training is humanistic and integrative, which you can read more about on my about me page.

At the core of this way of working is a respect for the unique life experiences that each person brings with them and an honouring of their value as a human being.


What Happens in Psychotherapy?

In the process of therapy many different issues may come up for you. There is no pressure to work to a schedule or through any set list. In talking together we have an opportunity to explore, reflect upon and understand more fully why you feel the way you do.

Whether you have recently suffered a traumatic event, or are experiencing a prolonged sense of disillusionment with life, the space provided by therapy allows you to express your feelings in a safe environment.

Having these experiences felt and understood by another person may feel new or even unnerving, yet it is in these moments that true healing can start to take place.

What Can Psychotherapy Help With?

People come to psychotherapy for all kinds of reasons. I have experience working with clients struggling with anxiety, bereavement, depression, drug and alcohol problems, eating disorders, stress and relationships difficulties, as well as many other issues including simply learning more about themselves in an effort to advance their personal development. I believe it is important to recognise that whatever the main reason someone may seek out therapy, other themes often come up. If this is the case these will also be welcomed and given the space that they need.

How Long Will Psychotherapy Last?

Psychotherapy usually involves meeting together once a week. You may already have some idea of how long you wish to come to sessions, in which case this can be discussed at our first meeting. Similarly you may not have a definite time-frame, in which case ongoing therapy is also available.

How Much Does Psychotherapy Cost?

The cost of psychotherapy can vary between different therapists. I offer a first session of 40 minutes at a reduced rate of £10, so that you can get a feel for whether you might benefit from further work.  The usual fee is £47 per week. For more details see my contact page.

Further Information

UKCPUKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) – Professional body responsible for education, training and accreditation of psychotherapists in the UK.

BCPCBCPC (Bath Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy) – Provides training in counselling and psychotherapy in Bath.

Bath Spa PsychotherapyBath Spa Psychotherapy (Facebook) – My own Facebook page, with links to information about mental health, therapy, choosing a therapist and more.


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